Marble Products 1000
Deep Wall Hung
Tapered Shampoo Bowl

Elegant, versatile and functional Model 1000
bowl features a cubic waterfall design to allow
water to glide into the wide shampoo basin,
reducing water splash back. With an extremely
comfortable neck rest, the bowl is now
available in wall,bottom, or cabinet
mounted versions.

Dimensions & Specifications:
External: 20” L x 20” W
Internal*: 18.5” L x 18.5” W
Depth: 10.75”

Each marble products shampoo sink comes with
standard fixture choice 550 dial flo now with a
metal handle for modern times with the same
insides as before, hanger, sprayer, basket strainer
with hair cup and receiver plate for sprayer.

Upgrade if you like to an all in one faucet or an faucet with a diverter spout for that extra water
spout you need for washing hands

Optional 800 Faucet


Optional 400
Diverter Spout
Marble Products Current Color Chart

Shown With 550 Faucet



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1000 Marble Shampoo Bowl With 550 Dial Flo
Faucet Metal Handle, Shampoo Sprayer, Receiver Plate  With Screw, Basket Strainer with Hair
Cup & Hanger.
Optional Vacuum Breaker 1729 Below

$630.00 $499.00
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1000 Marble Shampoo Bowl
 With 800 All In One Faucet Including
Vacuum Breaker Inside with Check Valve,
Shampoo Dual Sprayer, Hole Covers,
Basket Strainer with Hair Cup & Hanger
(No Vacuum Breaker Needed Inside Faucet)

$760.00 $609.00
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