ITA-214 Better Made
ITALICA 8 Function Skin
Cleansing System
This skin care system has been improved over the years to be nearly problem free and easy to maintain. This model is a great model for a standard facial service and can be used for many more advanced treatments depending upon the user.
High quality metal and heavy weight item well
worth the money spent.

All of these machines have been examined and re-
examined then tried to make better. We service
all of our own machines and can fix any part.
All parts are in stock.
They are used by MANY beauty schools.

 This machine includes:
      Stand W/ Outlet Plugs
      Brushing System
      Vac. & Spray System
      High Frequency
      Galvanic Unit
      30 Minute Steamer With Ozone
      5 Diopter Mag Lamp
      Woods Lamp

     Comes with all parts and heads needed for
 Additional heads & parts available here

 New boxing and packaging ensures
 no damages and professional cases.

 We have every part of this machine for
 replacement down to the interior boards for sale.

 1 Year Warranty Covers Machine Not Parts!

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8 Function Skin Care Machine
High Frequency, Galvanic, Brush Unit, Vac & Spray,
Steamer, 5 Diopter Mag Lamp, Stand & Wood Lamp
Instruction Booklet Included-
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