1 New Showroom Model
belvedere ARROJO Styling Chair
With Black Base

This great styling chair is a
newer model and is being
moved out of the belvedere
area of our showroom to
make room for new desks and
other items.  Black thick cushions
with sold steel arms and a
stainless steel footrest with
 black enameled star base
an expensive model.
This is a GREAT chair but takes
 a lot of room. Anyone who has
one of these knows this is a
great price. List $1627.00
No returns or exchanges on
any used and clearance items.
1 New Unopened
ITALICA 3308 Styling
Chair Top Only

These are new styling chairs in
the boxes with concave cushion
wood armrests and as seen with
star base and black cushions.
We only have 5 left and they
are being sold as new and low
priced to move out quick.
1 Year warranty. As Is New.
1 Showroom Model
Kayline Rolling Station
Cart With Electrical In
The Middle/ Last One!

A really nice Kayling rolling portable
tool station for stage work or
stylists who like to move as they go.
 Includes 4 holders. 2 crimped 2 open.
Metal frame with plastic body.
Made in the USA. Includes power
strip inside with long plug. Last One.

1 Showroom Model
Pibbs Styling Station
With Granite Top

Pibbs showroom model styling
station made from stainless
steel with a granite top and
has storage under the marble
top and on the sides.
Includes Large Mirror With
Frame and Is New!
Only 1 Year In The Showroom.
Remodeling under way so
it must go too.
1 Showroom Model
Belvedere Look Styling
Chair With T Footrest

New showroom model being
cleared out to make room for
a new floor and other items
coming. This must go. Belvedere
high quality Look styling chair
with removable cushion, T footrest
high quality base and like new.
Orange color vinyl very nice.
Belvedere Siesta
Backwash & Electric
Chair With Lever Footrest

Showroom models being
cleared out to make room for
New items.  This must go. Belvedere
high quality Siesta Backwash
Cabinet with Black top and wild cherry
base. Doors in back for plumbing.
8400 Shampoo bowl from belvedere
Cast Iron Porcelain Covered Bowl.
Siesta Electric Lift Shampoo Chair.
Combo Deal! As Is! Showroom Models!
2 New Black Just
 Opened For Photo
Dryer Chairs Made
For Belveder

A very nice expensive dryer chair
made by belvedere and to match the
 style of their chairs. 2 of these
chairs are available new boxed.
Black with wrapping like this.
As is new no returns.

3 New Black Just
 Opened For Photo
Econo Dryer Chairs
 For Belvedere Dryers

A very nice expensive dryer chair
made by GLOBAL and cut in back
for a belvedere style hair dryer.
B810, B900 etc. Very nice chairs.
As is new no returns.

27 New Unopened
In Original Boxes
Aveda Large Domain
Sign Kits For Aveda
Retail Displays & More

Are you an Aveda Salon and could
 use some signage for your place or upgrade to get those colors brighter
since they have faded. Here are
27 new domain sign kits and each
comes with 9 signs and 1 extra
in the box. Also includes metal
 bracket for hanging and
small signs for product
displays as seen at the bottom.
1 New Showroom Model
Collins USA Made
2510 Pedicure Stool

This is a new Collins 2510
pedi stool with 2 drawers and
made in the USA. The color
is Wallaby Chocolate vinyl
and Maple Base with 2 drawers.
This is a very popular unit and
since we have 2  we are
letting this one go to make
more room for new items.
Sold at a great low price
one time only for this piece.
New pieces are more and
must be quoted or look
on our pedicure stool area.
list price $870.00
1 Showroom Model
Pibbs Styling Chair
USA Made 2 Tone!

Really nice and looks like
leather. Being cleared out for
new items and showroom
remodeling in summer time.
Top grade chair with U footrest
made in the USA base is imported
and can hold 400 pounds.
Chair top weighs 50 pounds.
So it can hold 350 pounds safely.
As Is No Returns, Like New!
1 Showroom Deal
Pibbs Backwash Cabinet
Chair and Bowl Set

Pibbs shampoo tilting backwash
cabinet with white bowl and
cherry color cabinet with shampoo
well attached. Side cabinet not
A very nice combo and the chair
works perfect with this unit.
We are clearing all items out to
renew and refurnish most items.
Everything must go and be
renewed before 2019.
Combo Deal! As Is! Showroom Models!
1 Showroom Model
Belvedere Plush Side or
Backwash With Footrest

Our showroom model with
footrest and in the grade 2 blue
shiny color that makes it always
look nice and seem shiny.
Must be mounted into ground.
Includes tilting shampoo bowl
with faucet and sprayer with
the Plush footrest included in
combo deal. Very heavy unit.
Thick wide chair Outside arms 31"
Inside Arms 20 1/4" Front to back 46" Shampoo Bowl 16-1/2 W x 12 L x 7 D, Shampoo bowl tilts forward and back


1 Showroom Model
Belvedere Plush
Styling Chair With
Square Base Top Grade

Our showroom model with T
footrest and in the grade 2 blue
shiny color that makes it always
look nice and seem shiny.
Includes the upgraded Square heavy
duty base able to hold King Kong.
Matches shampoo backwash model.
1 Showroom Model
42" Wide Belvedere
Bulkhead With White
8400 Shampoo Bowl

Clearing out this last bulkhead
model. It is new from Belvedere
and in a really nice color. Includes
white 8400 shampoo bowl with
 faucet and sprayer. Bulkhead is
42" long and has storage on top
with a hamper for towels inside.
Bottle well in back with recess.
Very nice top grade item.  USA Made!

1 Showroom Model
Belvedere Nile
Tilting Pedestal Wash

Showroom model with black
base and titling 8400 deep
cast iron porcelain covered
shampoo bowl. Tilts forward
and back to use many shampoo
chairs. Very durable item
Clearance priced new.
1 Showroom Model
Kayline Mobile White
Cart With No Key

Great for rolling around. Get a new
lock because as usual someone
stole the keys from the showroom.
It is open. Holds a lot of stuff just
a bit dusty and ready to be used.
Sold As Is Like Shown.


1 Showroom Model
Collins Dispensary Sink
& Cabinet 2 Tone

A really nice new cabinet taking
a lot of showroom space and
being remodeled around. It has to
go to a nice salon or barber shop/
Perfect for a personal coloring
area for hair coloring or mixing.
Stainless steel sink included.

Sold As Is Like Shown.


10 New Good Condition
Massage Tables As Is!
Portable Models

Every table has a tiny tear
or rip that made the customers
return them for little to no reason.
Not being sold as perfect but
near perfect. They are all new.
Come with face cradles.
AS IS No returns! Many Colors.
1 Showroom Model
Pibbs Styling Cabinet
With Side Tool Holder

Our Showroom model Pibbs styling
station with decorative legs and
lots of storage space with a side
tool panel. 3 holders in the panel.
2 Drawers and 1 large storage area.
Sale Price $649.00


Used Really Nice
Nail Polish
Giant Rack

This is a large nail polish
rack on its side and ready
to mount on any wall and
fill with easily over 1000
bottles of polish and it
can be stained or painted
any color and is ready to
be done. It is a GREAT
piece and I could not believe
the quality of such a piece.
Pick Up or Local Delivery
Recommended. Shipping
will be very expensive unless
bundled with a larger order.
1 Used Good Condition
Double Clothes Dryer

Double Electric Clothes
dryer with two doors for towels.
Taken while still in use.
Works fine and Speed Queen
unit so they work for a long time.
Come and get it please.
1 Used Good Condition
Duet Dryer

Duet clothes dryer and free
bonus duet dryer that works
fine but needs a plastic piece.
Free with good dryer purchase.
Ships fast.

1 Slightly Used With Minor
Laminate Damage

Product Display With
Storage Under

This is the last of 4 of these
displays. It can hold a lot of
products and has storage under.
Solid and heavy it is being
sold to make room in the
warehouse now. AS IS!
1 Showroom Model
Italica Concept Hair
Station On Pump Base

This is the last of these cabinets.
Top is recessed so items wont
fall off. Top drawer is large
and deep and the middle
cabinet is large and comes with
a hydraulic pump base with
locking wheels, locking pump and
height adjustable 6 inches.
A great cabinet soon to be mass produced for 2016.
1 Showroom Model
Salon Ambience
Santiago Italian Station

mirrored stainless panel with
full length mirror and wood
shelf. High quality piece
made in Italy by Salon
Ambience and now this
is being discontinued at the
factory. So it is for sale.
Final Clearance
1 Showroom Model
Takara Belmont Hair
Styling Station Wall Mount

The legs and stand also
come with the station.
The station is an extra long
wall mount styling station and
comes with 2 drawers and a
huge countertop for all your
hair styling junk. Angled tool
panel and room for more tools
if you want to add them later.
A high quality grayish laminate
and made in the USA by KOKEN
Takara Belmont USA. As Is.
2 NEW Boxed
Belson Profiles
Remote Control
Oscillating Air Cleaners

these are all new and in
the boxes they come with
remote controls to turn on
the oscillation and the fan
speed. Top controls also
under the remote control.
Excellent quality item
These are the last 4 we
have of over 300-$149.00


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