SWAT Police Truck
Styling Chair For Kids

SWAT is HOT this great styling chair holds the kids inside the car with a free seatbelt and is really easy to cut hair in. Plus it looks so cool
when you turn on the lights.

Attract attention in a mall with the working hand megaphone and other lights and sounds.
Comes with realistic working sirens and sound
effects. Working emergency lights with microphone our USA made oversized hydraulic base pump with large pedal for ease in pumping even the largest kids or cars.

1 Year Top & 3 Year Pump Warranty.
Each car is hand made and takes 4-5
weeks for delivery. Please call for in
stock availability.

We take our specially made pieces for
each car. Simple top to bottom attachment.

These are patented & proprietary. Please rest
assured that each vehicle done by us is
strong and ready to use.

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SWAT Black Hair Styling Chair
Imported Oversized 27" Round Base
 With Pedal Car Makers Warranty
& 2 Year Pump Warranty

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SWAT Black Hair Styling Chair With
USA Made  Oversized 27" Round Base
With Large EZ Pump Pedal Car
Makers Warranty
& 3 Year Pump Warranty

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