Hair Dryer Chair
Thick wide ample cushions for large
bottoms and strong arms for those
ladies who love to push down while
getting up from the dryer chair.

Strong base made from recycled wood
and plywood. Black in stock and special
order colors available. Able to fit most
standard highland bonnet style hair dryers.

If using belvedere hair dryers fit is very
snug and needs about a brick height to
make it fit. High quality hair dryer chair

2 Yr Warranty
Fast Shipping Item
Good Quality Guaranteed
Call With Any Questions Please

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Italica Hair Dryer Chair
Thick Black Cushions With
Hard Plastic Arms/ 2 Year Warranty

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Italica 1008 & 1500 Hair Dryer Chair
With ITA-1500 USA Made Conditioning
Hair Dryer / Some Assembly Required/
Black Dryer & Chair/ 1 Year Warranty
For Dryer/ 2 Year Chair Warranty

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Hair Dryer Chairs

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