ITA-2237  5  Motor
Anything & Everything
Treatment Table
Made by us for ITALICA and is to help all the customers who call wanting a table to do everything.

Now you can give:
Facials, Pedicures, Liposuction, Botox,
Tattooing and just about anything you
can think of in this chair.

A completely high quality design made to be functional. By us for
ITALICA Quality Durable Design
By A Leading Treatment Table
Maker To Our Specifications.

 Made To Take Any Size Customer
 Back Goes Very High
 Contorts Into Endless Positions
 Goes Higher Than Any Other Bed
 Simple To Use Foot Controller
 More Hygienic No Hand Controller
 5 Motors
 2 Raise To Highest Point
 1 Motor For Recline
 1 Motor For Knees
 1 Angled Motor For Tilt
 Legs Split and Move To The Sides
 Extra Pillows For Legs Included
 Face hole For Massage or Back  
 Armrests Move With Bed & Out of Way
 Completely Adjustable Face Cradle
 Slides In & Out
 Moves Up & Down
 Black Vinyl To Help Cleanliness
  Supports Up To 1000 Pounds
 In Stock For Immediate Shipping
 1 Yr Top & 1 Year Motor Warranty
 Made To Our Specs.


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ITALICA Fully Electric 5 Motor Treatment Table
Black Top Grade Leather Like Vinyl
1 Year Top & 1 Year Motor Warranty

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