ITA-F336 Dual Diamond & Crystal
Peel Microdermabrasion Machine With Extra Heads
A newer machine able to use both
crystals and diamond heads. Heads
come in set with 2 wands and crystals
are NOT included.

Each Machine Features:
Fast shipping.
2 Jars- uptake and waste
Labeled hoses in and out
Filters so crystals don't ruin machine
Digital dials for minimum or max suction
Instruction booklet included
Support available if needed
High quality rubber connections
Beautifully designed machine
with high quality wave look.
Extra diamond head set with each machine
Extra parts for machines included in box
Sits on any table top
In Stock Unit!
1 Year Warranty.
Call with questions please.


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Add On Dual Microdermabrasion
Machine- Uses Diamond Heads &
Crystal For A Complete Cleaning
Crystals Sold Separately!
1 Year Warranty

$1300.00 $899.00
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