ITALICA Professional USA Made 6-8 Mannequin
Head Dryer
This great head and wig dryer is wonderful
for getting those mannequins and wigs
dry and ready to use.

A necessary item for ANY beauty school expecting to succeed and make students
feel like it is a professional school.

6-8 Head/Wig Capacity, 2 Tiers with
1 Adjustable Shelves, 115 Volt, 13 Amps,
60HZ, 32"W X 39"H X 13" Deep

The cabinet is made of real wood and has a
UL listed drying mechanism inside with
fans to speed drying. Made In The USA!
Also available in 220 Volt.



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6-8 Mannequin Head
Wig Dryer USA Made
115 Volt Model/ USA & Canada

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6-8 Mannequin Head
Wig Dryer USA Made
220 Volt Export Model/ EUROPE,

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