Styling Chair For Kids
The new Frogger styling chair is a great
 addition to the ITALICA line.
This seems to be our most popular chair
in the new line.

Smiley Frogger gives a happy feeling to
 those little kids about to get hair cuts,
These character chairs are cute,
stylish and eye catching.

FROGGER styling chair features:
Green High Quality Design
Big Eyes and Nice Smile
Soft Padded top and arms
Seatbelt Attached Under Seat

Thick U Footrest ( Never Stand On Footrests)
Round 23" Hydraulic Base & Pump
1 Yr Ltd Warranty
Some Assembly Required!


Exclusive Chair Line
Manufactured To Our Specifications

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FROGGER Styling Chair With 24" Diameter
Extended Height Base & Seatbelt Included
1 Year Limited Warranty!

Exclusive Chair
Designed & Sold Here!
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