ITA-31206 Air Piston Recline Styling & All Purpose Chair
Nearly Everything Chair

Thick seat with concave seating area to offer support
under the legs and make the sitting experience more
enjoyable. Great for long seating experiences.

Headrest poles are longer for taller people and
improved the reclining feature by using an air
pressure cylinder similar to the ones used in barber
chairs. As a result the chair reclines smoother and is
stronger than the previous model.

This all purpose chair is great for anything your establishment needs in a reclining type chair.
Coloring, Styling, Eye Brow Work, Face Wax,
Studio Make Up Work, Light Facials, Tattooing
 & Anything you can think of to do with it.

Thick faux leather vinyl (Feels Like Leather)
Thick armrest pads
Strong steel frame
Gas cylinder recline upgrade
Easy recline handle
Removable thick large headrest
Shaped top cushion for ease in cutting longer hair
High quality round chrome base & pump
2 Yr Limited Warranty/2 Year Pump Warranty
No star bases available with all purpose chairs.
Weight Limit 280
Black only on QuickShip,
Call Please 1-888-616-9450

Easy Cutting Area

Versatile Reclining

Mannequin Headrest Platform Optional

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ITA-31206 ITALICA All Purpose Air Piston Barber Style
Recline Styling Chair Round Base, U Footrest,
Removable Headrest, Thicker Cushions
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ITA-31206PL Platform Headrest For Mannequin Work $49.00
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ITA-31206A Extra Armrest Sets Upholstered/
Black Easy To Change/ 1 Pair
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