ITA-2604 All Purpose Stationary Chair For Just About Anything
Skin care, Tattooing, Whitening,
Eyebrow Threading, Facials, Waxing, Stone Massage & I am sure another
use will pop up soon.

A very nice stationary facial chair,
made with improvements on the old
ones and adjusts higher and flatter
than before.

Arms removable with Facehole under pillow back applications of many kinds. Use the drawers under the bed for storage of all your items. Easy to assemble, heavy duty frame.

A newly redesigned version of that old junkie bed you had before. White color only.

1 Yr Limited Warranty-
Weight Limit 288#


Special orders available for orders of 6 or more.
These beds can be made in any color of the rainbow!

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ITA-2604 ITALICA Multipurpose Chair
With Face Hole & Pillow + Storage Drawers
$349.00 Free Shipping
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