Hot Rod Styling Chair
This is a classic metal pedal car painted to
resemble the hot rods of yester year. Very
durable and made with high quality NO Lead paint and manufactured by a well know factory.

This chair comes with the USA made oversized hydraulic base with a big pedal for easy pumping up of the kids. High quality USA made.
A great price and great value made for
kids ages 3-6 years.

1 Yr Warranty On Top
3 Yr Warranty On Base.

We take our specially made pieces for
each car and put them together with the
base and ship it directly to you for simple
top to bottom attachment. 

We do not show parts anymore
for proprietary reason.

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Hot Rod Styling Chair
HG3 Import  27" Round Base

MFR Car Warranty + 2 Yr Pump Warranty

$1199.00 $699.00
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Hot Rod Styling Chair
W/ Highland Oversized
USA 27" Round Base

MFR Car Warranty + 3 Yr Pump Warranty

$1299.00 $799.00
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