ITA-Frozen Mustang Styling Chair Including
2 Base Choices
The awesome Ford Mustang and the Ever
popular FROZEN are molded to bring you the
Frozen Mustang styling chair car. Large and awesome as well as being easy to cut hair in.
This car features:
Realistic Mustang Styling
Frozen Authentic Stickers
Radio Plays Frozen Songs
Large Sized Chair
Ages 3-10 Years
Easy To Clean
Oversized USA or Import 26" Round Base
Electric Base Optional
1 Year Limited Car Warranty
2 Year Pump Warranty
Packed Whole or In 2 Pieces To Save
Shipping. Optional at Checkout
One of A Kind Chairs

Exclusive Chair Line
Manufactured To Our Specifications

We take our specially made parts for each car or jeep and assemble them in our facility to make sure they are made
 to our specifications and our design. Made to last for
years in your salon. Up keep is always recommended
weekly for these vehicles. It keeps them strong for a long time.

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Frozen Mustang Styling Chair Car
For Girls With Import Oversized Base

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Frozen Mustang Styling Chair Car
For Girls With USA Made Oversized Base

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