ITA-E13344 Hair Dryer
4 Speeds
600/2000 RPM
Low or Really High!
We wanted something that looked different,
worked better than the standard hair dryer
and did NOT need a hair net. So, we asked
Ceriotti to make us a No Hair Net Needed
Italian 100% Hair Dryer. This is OUR model.

The 4 Speed dryer goes from a very low diffused 600 Rpm to standard 2000 Rpm
seriously low or really fast drying.
Dries over 45% faster than normal dryers.
Use lower speeds to dry hair color
faster and diffuse heat evenly over head,

Low noise from the Italian motor inside &
high air output with controls for the heat &
timer. The Egg shape fits all customers
heads & provides even heating.

NO VISOR to get in the way or break off
from a heavy handed customer. Hood is
large enough inside none needed. Air
pushes down and lifts up customers hair
for more conditioned drying.

We Can Put These In Dryer Chairs
For Special Requests! Additional Cost!


No Hair Net Needed!
110-120 Volt,
50HZ, 1000 Watts, 1100 to 1300 RPM,
Double Ring Armored Heating Element,
ABS Plastic outer hood, Made In Italy!
Standard Hood 21.6"H X 15.74" W X 16.5"D

Easy to use instructions included.

1 Year Warranty!
Phone Support Available Free!
Do More Heads Per Day = More $


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CERIOTTI 4 Speed Black Egg
600/ 2000 RPM- 1000 Watts
 Conditioning Italian Hair Dryer
No Hair Net Needed Model
 1 Year Warranty|
Made In Italy!

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