Kids Styling Chairs For Girls

Mercedes Benz S-Klasse
Hot Styling Chair Sports Car For Kids
Another great model and the colors make this a hot number and very popular. Black Mercedes S Klasse and includes classic style of the actual car.
Tan leather l
ike plastic interior is durable.

This is a real eye catching car and will have moms and dads bringing their kids in just to get cut
in a hot car. Ages 3-5 Years
49"L X 25.75"W

27" Round Base!
We take our specially made pieces for
each car and put them together with the
base and ship it directly to you for simple
 top to bottom attachment. 

We DO NOT SHOW the parts anymore. Please
rest assured, whatever item you buy will be
 complete and ready to use. All cars are safe
and tested before leaving our facility.

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Mercedes S Klasse Black Kids Styling Chair
With USA Made 27" Round Base With Seatbelt
$1325.00 $849.00
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